Libertarianism, left and right, a worthless thought

Every person is either in the left or in the right. You can see it by the way they do they manage their lives and their families.

“Libertarianism” is not in that same category, because you can’t manage your life or your family in a libertarian way. Libertarianism is a purely political idea, it only applies to what the State can do or if it should exist or not, nothing else.

People who are from the left or from the right can be libertarian. People from these two camps can also not be libertarian, and then their political goals and ideals would be just an extrapolation of their views on family management. They will see the State as the big father, an image inherit from the media and other people, and go with it: if the State is the father of our big family, it should behave in regards to his children, the citizens, just like I would behave in regards to my children.