idea: An open log-based HTTP database for any use case

A single, read/write open database for everything in the world.

  • A hosted database that accepts anything you put on it and stores it in order.
  • Anyone can update it by adding new stuff.
  • To make sense of the data you can read only the records that interest you, in order, and reconstruct a local state.
  • Each updater pays a fee (anonymously, in satoshis) to store their piece of data.
  • It’s a single store for everything in the world.

Cost and price estimates

Prices for guaranteed storage for 3 years: 20 satoshis = 1KB 20 000 000 = 1GB charges $10/mo for 1GB of data, 3 600 000 satoshis for 3 years

If 3 years is not enough, people can move their stuff to elsewhere when it’s time, or pay to keep specific log entries for more time.

Other considerations

  • People provide a unique id when adding a log so entries can be prefix-matched by it, like myapp.something.random
  • When fetching, instead of just fetching raw data, add (paid?) option to fetch and apply a jq map-reduce transformation to the matched entries