A list of things artificial intelligence is not doing


If AI is so good why can’t it:

  • write good glue code that wraps a documented HTTP API?
  • make good translations using available books and respective published translations?
  • extract meaningful and relevant numbers from news articles?
  • write mathematical models that fit perfectly to available data better than any human?
  • play videogames without cheating (i.e. simulating human vision, attention and click speed)?
  • turn pure HTML pages into pretty designs by generating CSS
  • predict the weather
  • calculate building foundations
  • determine stock values of companies from publicly available numbers
  • smartly and automatically test software to uncover bugs before releases
  • predict sports matches from the ball and the players’ movement on the screen
  • continuously improve niche/local search indexes based on user input and and reaction to results
  • control traffic lights
  • predict sports matches from news articles, and teams and players’ history

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