idea: on Lightning

Getting money from clients very easily, dispatching that money to “world class experts” (what a silly way to market things, but I guess it works) very easily are the job for Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

EDIT 2020-09-04

My idea was that people would advertise themselves, so you would book an hour with people you know already, but it seems that has gone through the route of offering a “catalog of experts” to potential clients, all full of verification processes probably and marketing. So I guess this is not a thing I can do.

Actually I did (on Etleneum) that is somewhat similar, but of course doesn’t have the glamour and network effect and marketing – also it’s just text, when in Clarity is fancy calls.

Thinking about it, this is just a simple and obvious idea: just copy things from the fiat world and make them on Lightning, but maybe it is still worth pointing these out as there are hundreds of developers out there trying to make yet another lottery game with Lightning.

It may also be a good idea to not just copy fiat-businesses models, but also change them experimenting with new paradigms, like idea: Patreon, but simple, and without subscription.