Donations on the internet

(This was written in the context of donations to people who do free stuff on the internet, open-source software and so on.)

Donations are broken not because “few people care”, but because it’s an unsolvable information problem: no one knows how much they should be donating and to whom, and it would be impossible to even think about the perfect donation strategy, much more impossible to execute it.

I use a ton of free services and consume tons of different contents from multiple sources, but it only occurred me to donate to some. And I’m probably donating too much to these, while zero to all others, or maybe too few even to the few ones I donate to. I cannot know.

In the world of ideals there is a correct amount that each donor should be giving to each contributor in every single item in the full production structure of something the donors care about, but this is not a mathematical problem, it’s the statement of an impossibility.

Maybe is related.

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