A Telegram bot I made just because I was bored and no one had done yet. I didn’t have any experience with Telegram bots or running a Lightning Network node, but it turned out to be quite well-received and successful.

As I slowly included things in it, lnurl stuff, custom integrations to other apps and social features, It has a large number of commands and arcane functionality hidden in it. This opaque output of the /help command is a hint:

/start [<tutorial>]
/lnurl <lnurl>
/receive (lnurl | (any | <satoshis>) [<description>...])
/pay (lnurl <satoshis> | [now] [<invoice>] [<satoshis>])
/send [anonymously] <satoshis> [<receiver>...] [--anonymous]
/balance [apps]
/tx <hash>
/log <hash>
/transactions [<tag>] [--in] [--out]
/giveaway <satoshis>
/coinflip <satoshis> [<num_participants>]
/giveflip <satoshis> [<num_participants>]
/fundraise <satoshis> <num_participants> <receiver>...
/hide <satoshis> [<message>...] [--revealers=<num_revealers>] [--crowdfund=<num_participants>] [--public] [--private]
/reveal <hidden_message_id>
/etleneum [history | withdraw | (apps | contracts) | call <id> | <contract> [state [<jqfilter>] | subscribe | unsubscribe | <method> [<satoshis>] [<params>...]]]
/satellite <satoshis> [<message>...]
/bitclouds [create | status [<host>] | topup <satoshis> [<host>] | adopt <host> | abandon <host>]
/rub <service> <account> [<rub>]
/skype <username> [<usd>]
/bitrefill (country <country_code> | <query> [<phone_number>])
/gifts (list | [<satoshis>])
/sats4ads (on [<msat_per_character>] | off | rate | rates | broadcast <satoshis> [<text>...] [--max-rate=<maxrate>] [--skip=<offset>] | preview)
/api [full | invoice | readonly | url | refresh]
/bluewallet [refresh]
/rename <name>
/toggle (ticket [<price>] | renamable [<price>] | spammy | language [<lang>] | coinflips)
/dollar <satoshis>
/help [<command>]

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