UBI calculations

The United States population (counting only people more than 25 years old) is 222098080 people, the United States GDP is 20807000000000 USD. The Federal government has received 5845968000000 in taxes in 2019.

The standard UBI plan (from Andrew Yang) is to give $1000 to each person every month, which means a total annual expenditure of 2665176960000 USD, or 12.81% of the GDP and 45.59% of all tax money received from the federal government.

Mandatory spending (which includes healthcare and social security) corresponds to \(2.7 trillion, or `46.18%` of annual receipts. Discretionary spending (which includes education and military stuff) corresponds to \)1.3 trillion, or 22.23% of annual receipts.

Does it fit?

If you are capable of cutting more-or-less all spending in social security (17.10% of federal receipts), all military (11.56%), all education, transportation, housing, veterans benefits and most other things the federal government does (11.30%) and parts of Medicare and Medicaid (26.17%) then it will be possible to fit UBI.

Welcome to the leftist paradise, one in which the government budget has to be drastically cut in every possible (cruel?) way.

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