Firefox in comparison with Chrome as of 2018


  • Faster page loads
  • Displays <table>s better by default
  • Using the same browser on multiple places actually makes your experience better, because you can list and send tabs from one device to another
  • Firefox for Android is vastly superior:
    • It is much faster
    • It allows you to install browser extensions, which means you get to use uBlock Origin on Android
    • It allows you to send and receive tabs from the desktop
    • It has a built-in QR code scanner
  • Telegram notifications actually work
  • I’m not forced to see the neverending super-animated left-inclined special Google Doodles on my new tab page

Basically the same thing

  • JavaScript speed
  • Overall stability
  • JavaScript new features support
  • All major browser extensions seem to be available for both platforms (although I’m not a huge extensions user so I don’t know)


  • Chrome has that nice OpenSearch support that allows you to type the beggining of a site’s URL, hit tab and then perform a search query on that site if it supports OpenSearch (Firefox has OpenSearch support, but it works differently, in I way that feels odd to me)
  • Developer tools are much slower, so I use Chromium for debugging JavaScript apps and nothing more

- CodeMirror doesn’t allow me to paste using the middle-click on Linux, while in Chrome it does, who knows why? There’s an issue open on GitHub, but no solution for the near future (I’m forced to call xsel -p -o | xsel -b before pasting stuff from the terminal)