LessPass remoteStorage

LessPass is a nice idea: a password manager without any state. Just remember one master password and you can generate a different one for every site using the power of hashes.

But it has a very bad issue: some sites require just numbers, others have a minimum or maximum character limits, some require non-letter characters, uppercase characters, others forbid these and so on.

The solution: to allow you to specify parameters when generating the password so you can fit a generated password on every service.

The problem with the solution: it creates state. Now you must remember what parameters you used when generating a password for each site.

This was a way to store these settings on a remoteStorage bucket. Since it isn’t confidential information in any way, that wasn’t a problem, and I thought it was a good fit for remoteStorage.

Some time later I realized it maybe would be better to have a centralized repository hosting all weird requirements for passwords each domain forced on its users, and let LessPass use data from that central place when generating a password. Still stateful, not ideal, not very far from a centralized password manager, but still requiring less trust and less cryptographic assumptions.

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