Based on sitio, this was supposed to be the successor of Websites For Trello.

From the old landing page:

sí is a hosted static site generator based on sitio. It is capable of building websites by fetching content from other services and arranging them in pages. It can be used to build any sort of blog or site.

It supports fetching content from Trello, Dropbox, Evernote and arbitrary URLs. You can use just one of these providers, or mix them all in your site.

How it works

Basically, you just have to point to an URL of the site, like /posts, for example, and assign a provider to it. The trello:list provider, for example, will fetch all cards on a Trello list and create a page for each of them under /posts/:card-name and finish with an index, optionally paginated, on /posts itself.

You can repeat this process for other content from other sources, or even just point the root URL, / to some provider and be done with it.


The generated websites are super fast, as they’re served as HTML files directly, no server-rendering involved. Also, due to sitio capabilities, they have instant navigation enabled by default, which uses JavaScript to fetch just the content of the pages, instead of performing a full reload.


Since the way pages are rendered – their HTML structure – is standardized by classless, custom theming and styling is simple to do using just CSS and JavaScript, and there are some themes available already for you to choose.

If you want custom HTML or a provider for which we don’t have support yet, that’s easy to add. Please let’s us know using the chat below! No lock-in

The code that renders the sites is just a very minimal sitio script with the plugins you choose. These are all open-source and you can export your site and render it by yourself if you don’t want to use sí anymore.

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