This was an app that allowed people to create micro apps powered by forms. Actually just one form I believe. The idea was for the micro apps to be really micro.

For example, you want a list of people, but you can only have at most 10 people in the list. Your app could keep a state with list of people already added and reject any other submissions above the specified limit. This would be done with 3 lines of code and provide an automatic form for people to fill with expected data.

Another example, you wanted to create a list of people that would go to an event and each would have to bring one item from a list: you created an initial state of a list of the items that should be brought, then specified a form where people could write their names and select the item they would bring, then code that for each submitted form added the name of the person plus the item they would bring to the state while also removing the selected item from the available items. Also 3 or 4 lines of data.

Something like this can’t be done anywhere else. But also of course it would be arcane and frighten normal people and so on (although I do believe some “normal” people would be able to use such a thing if they needed it, just like they learn to write complex Excel formulas and still don’t call themselves programmers).

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